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Introducing SEOthemes

SEOthemes is a young SEO services consultancy based in SW Sydney and is a sister company to webThemes, a web development business.  We offer you advice on various means of improving your online visibility including keywords, valuable content, social media and external links.

What is SEO?

SEO is all about making your invisible website visible.

Placing your online business in view.

Engaging with your customers.

Our main activity

Generate keywords

We will generate keywords and will ensure they are meaningfully used throughout the website. This is one of the foundations of SEO: ensuring that the person searching sees your website within the first couple of pages.

Create valuable content

SEOthemes has experience in creating good website copy. Our SEO services include well-structured, grammatical content which contains the specified keywords. Together this helps achieve a higher ranking.

The use of Landing pages

There are various uses for landing pages (other than the Home page): funneling a prospect to a page of specials, for example; or matching a search engine user's query with keywords on the landing page, particularly a location keyword.

Social Media

Given the extremely high take-up of social media such as Facebook and Linked-in, it presents another channel for you to explore as part of your SEO services.

Which one are you?

New Website Owner

…you need to build SEO into your new website

Frustrated Business Owner

…you have a current website but no presence

You're after SEO Information

…you’re just in need of some information on SEO services

Road Map

We use these marketing steps to get results in SEO

Some work is mandatory, some optional. This step defines the scope so that SEOthemes and client know the boundaries of the SEO services.

These are the words or phrases used by people performing searches and which have to be embedded within the website for a match to occur.

In this step we create (or modify) content which is meaningful, grammatical, well laid out, and contains the keywords.

Create Title, Description and image Alt tags which are used by Google in compiling its Search Engine Results Pages.

Of course, your Home page is a landing page, but often you need others. For example, if your business resides in one suburb and you serve a number of surrounding suburbs you may need some alternative landing pages.

Paid advertising such as a Google Adwords pay-per-click campaign is created here if in scope of the SEO services.  Social media such as Facebook may also be part of the marketing plan.